Conference Planning for Memorable & Successful Conferences!

The Conference Planning Stage

Besides the Work Timeline and Budget, Conference Planning includes many more aspects that are just as important. By carefully preparing all features in the Conference planning stage, you will drastically raise the chance of realizing a memorable and successful conference.

If you are planning a conference with a great topic, with relevant and well known speakers, numerous sponsors and a large audience ready to travel, you still may require certain services to make your conference stand out! Regardless if a one-timer, or annual Event you want it to be remembered!

Conference Planning Checklist


Plan Your Conference Identity

 The Conference Identity: In order to successfully promote your conference a “Catchy” and informative visual identity is required. We will fine tune details until the most satisfying design is found. Choose from several proposed solutions for the best conference identity. After the Final Visual Conference Identity is created it can be implemented on all conference promotion and branded materials.

 Conference Web Site: A Dedicated Conference web site will increase access to conference information and registration. There’s no need to hire a new Webmaster/Designer (and hosting infrastructure) to create your Conference site. We have this covered. A modern, great looking website will be created, with all the latest tech details, including social networks and ready for use on most mobile devices as well as fast cloud connectivity.

 Destination & Venues: Being a regional specialist in the professional conference organisation, DT Croatia PCO is able to propose the most suitable destinations and venues for any event, depending on their type, size, mission and budget. Take advantage of our expertise and allow us to assist you in choosing the perfect venues for your events by presenting the pros and cons of each available. Choosing the right Venues may easily be a factor of success for your Conference

 Off-Site Events: Off-site events allow participants to experience the destination. Most conferences feature at least one or two off-site events, be it a buy in or gala dinner, sponsored cocktail party or local folklore performance or music concert. Simply ask with all your needs and allow us to present several options, and assist in choosing the most appropriate for your audience and schedule.

  Whether you need assistance with just a few or all of the above, DT Croatia will provide professional and efficient services.