Zagreb Conference Facilities – Unique Special Venues & Conference Hotels.

Zagreb is a metropolitan business city and first class meeting destination with great conference facilities. Its rich culture and history mark the city capital of Croatia as a true European metropolis. Most Zagreb conference facilities are centrally located in the city centre (15-20 km from the Zagreb International Airport). The City is well connected with all major European cities with direct flights to major air-hubs, motorways and railways. This makes Zagreb only a flight away! Zagreb is just an hour flight from Munich, Frankfurt or Zurich and about a four hour drive by car from Vienna. With its rich history, Zagreb is a city of many contrasts, with past and present, romance of old days and dynamic tempo of modern living successfully melted into one. In addition to breath-taking history and the magic of every day’s life, the city offers a great selection of quality accommodation, marvellous venues, and rich gastronomy to complement a variety of conference possibilities.

Zagreb -Capital of Croatia

Zagreb Conference Facilities – Special Venues for Congress & Conference organisation

For conferences, Congress and exhibitions of larger scale, Zagreb offers several congress halls that are located within the City area.

 Vatroslav Lisinski Concert & Congress Halls (2 Halls) + 4 meeting rooms & large foyer for a variety of functions. Maximum capacity – 1.851 people, theatre style.

 Zagreb Fair Congress Centre is ideal to cater larger events with a capacity of up to 2000 seats. It is one of the oldest venues of this type in Europe, built in 1909.

 Hypo Expo XXI as part of modern business centre. Its modern design & architecture allow high functionality and standards. Maximum capacity – 1.400 people.

 Congress Centre Forum Zagreb is located in the Green Gold Centre and consists of 7 multi-functional halls with maximum capacity – 350 delegate’s theatre style.

Major Hotels with conference facilities details: halls, rooms, capacities/sections & airport distances.

Zagreb Conference Facilities within a wide variety of hotels with magnificent & useful venues. Please view table with recommended Hotels and Conference facilities:

 Hotel Esplanade Zagreb with its fabulous history offers outstanding service, central location and quality meeting space for smaller conferences and congresses.

 Hotel Sheraton Zagreb is also centrally located, with international standards of service and quality accommodation and state of art conference facilities

 The Westin Zagreb, easy accessible, has excellent conference facilities for mid-range conferences

Sheraton Hotel 14 Halls Hotel Westin 13 Halls Esplanade Hotel 8 Halls Antunović Zagreb 20 Halls Hotel Dubrovnik 11 Halls Hotel Panorama 9 Halls Aristos Hotel 7 Halls Hotel Palace 6 Halls DoubleTree Hilton 6 Halls Hotel International 4 Halls Tomislavov Dom 3 Halls
Total Rooms30634920815823027915012215225042
Hall / Conference Rooms Capacity600-10800-12280-101000-10220-18400-6300-20150-15600-10300-30100-60
Main Conference Hall Max. Sections33383231321
Zagreb Airport25 km-33min15 km-30min25km-33min20 km-23 min16km - 35 min15km-30 min4km-7 min15km-30 min25km-33min15km-30 min48km-1h
Ljubljana Airport158km-1h40min102 km-1h 4min100 km-1h 4min158km-1h40min101 km-1h 4min158km-1h40min158km-1h40min158km-1h40min158km-1h40min158km-1h40min184km-2h 35 min
Maribor Airport99 km-1h 4min166km-2h 4min166km-2h 4min98 km-1h 4min166km-2h 4min104 km-1h 4min100 km-1h 4min105 km-1h 4min98 km-1h 4min103 km-1h 4min128 km - 1h 10 min
Rijeka Airport166km-2h 4min158km-1h40min158km-1h40min158 km-1h 50 min158km-1h40min166km-2h 4min166km-2h 4min166km-2h 4min166km-2h 4min166km-2h 4min191 km - 2h 40 min

Outside events and dinners can be organised in one of Zagreb’s many exquisite historic venues, each with a story to tell, where Croatian history took place, where many economic and political questions were discussed. The National Archives, Golden Hall of Croatian Institute of History and the Art Pavilion will surely leave a memorable mark on participants of any business event in Zagreb. For any questions about Zagreb Conference Facilities, please contact us, or send us your R.F.P.