Istria Kvarner Conference Facilities – Traditional Venues & Conference Hotels.

Experience the outstanding Istria Kvarner conference facilities! The Istria Peninsula and Kvarner Bay are newly emerging conference & meeting destinations gaining in popularity due to an increasing number of business oriented hotels. Both conference areas offer a variety of existing and new special venues. Istria is located at the north of the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by the Gulf of Trieste (Italy), allowing easy access to Venice. The Kvarner Bay is just below the peninsula, making Opatija and nearby islands available for spectacular conferences. The region is a wonderful balance of beautiful untouched nature, remarkable history, fabulous gastronomy and definitely an option for every conference planner. Both destinations are well connected with highways as well as flight connections to the major European cities from two airports: Rijeka located on Island of Krk (Kvarner) and Pula city (Istria).


Istria & Kvarner Conference & Meeting Special Venues

Unique conference accommodations and facilities in the side cities of Rovinj, Pula, Umag, Poreč. Istria and Kvarner offer a touch of serenity with their seaside hotel properties, easily accessible and offering unique conference and meeting facilities with hotels to meet every budget. The Istria peninsula and Kvarner Bay with their remarkable natural landscapes, sea side location and extraordinary culinary experiences make them a unique conference destination in the heart of Europe. The quality of accommodation, venues, culinary experience and customer service will definitely leave an impression and ensure a successful conference or meeting which will keep delegates talking. Once you experience Istria Kvarner conference facilities you’ll long to come back. Here, just a few special venues in Istria & Kvarner.

Istria & Kvarner Conference Facilities – Hotels & Resorts

For example Maistra hotels complex in Rovinj suitable for large events up to 3000 delegates, Sol hotel complex in Umag and hotel Milenij in Opatija. Hotels that stand out in Rovinj are hotel Lone, hotel Monte Mulini, hotel Eden and hotel Park. These hotels are close proximity of each other and can easily accommodate large number of delegates attending the same conference at the hotel Lone.

Kvarner Area Hotels with conference facilities:

Hotel Milenij 4 Halls Hotel Mozart 2 Halls 4 Opatijska Cvijeta 3 Halls Hotel Bristol 4 Halls Hotel Ambasador 8 Halls Hotel Bonavia 2 Halls Hotel Kvarner 2 Halls Best Western 2 Halls Hotel Admiral 4 Halls Villa Letan 1 Hall Plaza Histria 4 Halls Hotel Adriatic 8 Halls Hotel Imperial 2 Halls Hotel Opatija 6 Halls
Total Rooms1252924878200121566619859368307126200
Hall / Conference Rooms Capacity220-10400-100400-50150-10515-35130-20900-50150-30160-30120-10700-20550-30400-100250-35
Main Conference Hall Max. Sections21322211311111
Rijeka Airport40 km-36 min40 km-36 min40 km-36 min40 km-36 min40 km-36 min30 km - 30 min40 km-36 min27 km - 25 min40 km-36 min120 km-1h 32 min120 km-1h 50 min40 km-36 min40 km-36 min40 km-36 min
Zagreb Airport185km -2h 10 min185km -2h 10 min185km -2h 10 min185km -2h 10 min185km -2h 10 min150 km - 2h185km -2h 10 min147 km - 2h185km -2h 10 min260 km-3h260 km-3h 15 min185km -2h 10 min185km -2h 10 min185km -2h 10 min
Pula Airport100 km-1h 20 min100 km-1h 20 min100 km-1h 20 min100 km-1h 20 min100 km-1h 20 min80 km - 1h100 km-1h 20 min85km - 1h100 km-1h 20 min14 km -16 min13 km - 10 min100 km-1h 20 min100 km-1h 20 min98,5 km-1h 15 min

Istria Area Hotels with conference facilities:

Kempinski Adriatic 7 Halls Hotel Lone 5 Halls Meliá Coral 5 Halls Sol Umag 5 Halls Valamar Diamant 4 Halls Hotel Eden 4 Halls Hotel Istra 4 Halls Laguna Parentium 3 Halls Sol Garden 3 Halls Hotel Neptun 1 Hall Hotel Pical 4 Halls Hotel Park 3 Halls Laguna Materada 2 Halls Istarske Toplice 2 Halls
Total Rooms18623625030324432535826849187249202400270
Hall / Conference Rooms Capacity250-12700-20350-50120-18180-12200-30250-10435-15300-80400-50450/15350-50300-90150-50
Main Conference Hall Max. Sections21111111111111
Rijeka Airport159 km-2h 2min117 km-1h 38min152 km- 1h 58 min152 km- 1h 58 min115 km-1h 42 min120 km -1h 40 min120 km -1h 40 min125 km-1h 47 min152 km- 1h 58 min132 km - 1h 35 min115 km-1h 42 min120 km -1h 40 min115 km-1h 42 min84,7 km-1h 18 min
Zagreb Airport299 km-3h 27 min270 km- 3h 10 min291km-3h 25 min291 km-3h 25 min255 km-3h 6 min270 km- 3h 10 min270 km- 3h 10 min256 km-3h 8 min291 km-3h 25 min283 km - 3 hr 10 min255 km-3h 6 min270 km- 3h 10 min255 km-3h 6 min233 km-2h 53 min
Pula Airport89,9 km -1h 10min40 km-45 min85,5 km-1h 10 min85 km-1h 8min57,9 km - 50min40 km-45 min39 km-41 min55,7 km-54 min83 km- 1h 5 min17 km - 15 min57,9 km - 50 min40,3 km-44 min57,9 km - 50 min93,5 km 1h 13 min