Dalmatia Conference Facilities – Pure Mediterranean Venues & Island Resorts!

Dalmatia Conference Facilities are nicely spread out through the regions coastal cities of Split, Zadar, Sibenik and islands of Brac and Hvar as the fastest growing areas in Croatia. The number of conference facilities as well as participants, growing exponentially for the last few years. The airports of Split and Zadar, highway connectivity and sea ports make this hole area easily accessible. Beautiful scenery offer many attractions with a great variety of spectacular conference possibilities. The city Split large passenger harbour allows easy access to the Islands of Hvar and Brac. Besides numerous special venues, we highlight “Suncani Hvar Hotel complex” on the island Hvar and, “Hoteli Svpetrvs Resort” on the Island of Brac, both with great conference facilities.

Dalmatia Conference Facilities centre Split

Dalmatian Conference Facilities – Special Venues

Split, the second largest city in Croatia, dates back 1.700 years to the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian whose Palace (UNESCO’s protected heritage since 1979) is at its centre and very popular as a special venue for conference award ceremonies and other events. Easily accessible islands Hvar and Brac also surprise conference participants with their many special venues and attractions in the area. Zadar, proud of its long and varied historic past and monuments, is still a „hidden gem“, waiting discovery as a Dalmatia conference destination, especially with recently opened properties such as Iadera in Petrcane. Sibenik, located less than 100km north of Split, at the mouth of Krka River and the most protected natural harbour of the Adriatic. Beautiful surroundings, both on land and sea, make it an interesting choice for meetings that combine unusual venues and variety of activities for spouses. Krka waterfall is probably the most known Sibenik region attraction, part of Krka National Park. Zadar has its own international airport, the Split airport is only 2,5 hours away, or participants choosing to arrive in Zagreb may discover the world famous Plitvice Lakes National park on their way to Zadar. Another alternative venue for meetings up to 350 delegates theatre style and banquets up to 650 people is the Arsenal, located at the city centre.

Dalmatia Conference Facilities – Hotels & Resorts

The famed Mediterranean climate sets a special atmosphere for visitors to experience a unique mix of Roman and contemporary history and influences brought together into Split’s architecture. From the newest Radisson Blu Split Hotel to the largest Le Meridien Lav Hotel, Split has a number of other hotels to offer and it is a growing meeting and conference destination. Although Zadar has several hotels with meeting facilities, Falkensteiner hotels (four and five stars) located in Zadar and in Petrcane offer the largest meeting facilities. Solaris hotel complex with its own congress centre and total capacity up to 2000 delegate’s is the best location for your event.

Dalmatia Conference Facilities – Split area hotels with conference facilities:

Atrium Split 6 Halls Radisson Blu Resort 1 Hall LaMeridien Lav 5 Halls President Solin 6 Halls Hotel Katarina 1 Hall Hotel Park Split 3 Halls Hotel Dalmina 1 Hall Hotel President 3 Halls Hotel Rotondo 1 Hall Hotel San Antonio 2 Halls Hotel Villa Dvor 1 Hall
LocationsSplitSplitPodstranaSolinDugopoljeSplitSplitSplitSeget DonjiPodstranaOmis
Total Rooms1282503909674735273303123
Hall / Conference Rooms Capacity400-15445-36850-60600-10160-20160-40180-10400-1080-30140-4035-10
Main Conference Hall Max. Sections11311111111
Split Airport22,2 km-29 min22 km-28 min25,6 km-30 min17,5 km-22 min22,7 km-29 min25 km-35 min21,1 km-27 min25 km-30 min10 km-13 min27 km-35 min41,1 km-47 min
Zadar Airport151km-1h 44 min151 km-1h 43 min155 km-1h 47min147 km-1h 40 min151 km-1h 44min152 km-1h 45 min151 km-1h 44 min152 km-1h 45 min125 km-1h 34 min155 km-1h 47 min182 km -2h 6 min
Dubrovnik Airport246 km-3h 25min245 km- 3h 24 min231km-3h 39min242 km-3h 21 min246km-3h 25 min247km-3h 26 min245 km-3h 24 min247 km-3h 26 min275 km-3h 44 min231 km-3h 39 min216 km-3h 13 min
Brac Airport48,5 km-2h 4min49,4 hkm-2h 5 min231km-3h 29 min147 km-1h 40 min47, 4 km-2h 2 min47km-2h 1 min49,4 km-2h 6 min48,6 km-2h 5 min77,6 km-2h38 min231 km-3h 29 min71,2 km-2h28 min

Dalmatia Conference Facilities – Trogir, Sibenik & Zadar area hotels with conference facilities:

Solaris Resort 10 Halls Falkensteiner Hotel 5 Halls Hotel Olympia 4 Halls Ilijada resort 7 Halls Hotel Pinija 1 Hall Bluesun Alan 2 Halls Funimation Borik 4 Halls Hotel Kolovare 6 Halls Hotel Adria 1 Hall Hotel Punta 5 Halls Sveti Kriz 2 Halls Vrata Krke 2 Halls Hotel Zora Primosten 3 Halls
LocationSibenikPetrcaneVodiceBiogradPetrcaneStarigrad-PaklenicaZadarZadarBiograd na moruVodiceTrogirLozovacPrimosten
Total Rooms129821024110003001633061911403124950324
Hall / Conference Rooms Capacity500-25200-30506-20250-20140-40150-50357-30230-20170-20262-25300-5060-20500-150
Main Conference Hall Max. Sections2212111111112
Split Airport62,7 km-56 min142 km-1h 52 min70,3 km-1h 4 min109 km-1h 28 min140 km-1h 49 min139 km- 1h 39 min132 km-1h 38 min128 km-1h 32 min109 km-1h 29 min71,6 km-1h 8min15 km-23 min57,3 km-52 min39,5 km-44 min
Zadar Airport87,0 km-1h2 min24,0 km-37 min72,8 km-1h 4 min29 km-36 min22,7 km-34 min51,4 km-47 min14,8 km-24 min11,4km- 19 min29,3 km-37 min72,8 km-1h 4 min131km-1h 44 min81, 6 km-58 min106 km-1h 22 min
Dubrovnik AirportN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A281 km-3h 55 min294 km-3h 48 minN/A
Brac AirportN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A83,5 km- 2h 48 min133 km-3h 5 minN/A

Dalmatia Conference Facilities – South Dalmatia & island hotels with conference facilities:

Hotel Horizont 2 Halls Supetrus Resort 3 Halls Hotel Amfora Hvar 3 Halls Bluesun Alga Tucepi 3 Halls Bluesun Elaphusa 5 Halls Bluesun Soline 2 Halls Hotel Croatia Hvar 1 Hall Bluesun Marko Polo 2 Halls
LocationBaska VodaSupetarHvarTucepiBolBrelaHvarGradac
Total Rooms2023003303303072062825
Hall / Conference Rooms Capacity450-50300-12370-12350-30800-50180-20100-10120-10
Main Conference Hall Max. Sections11311111
Split Airport104 km-1h 19 min40 km-1h 50 min83,3 km-2h 6 min110 km-1h 24min75,5 km-2h 34 min66 km-1h 18 min84,7km-2h 9min173 km-2h 6 min
Zadar Airport193 km-2h 5 min170km-3h5min212 km-3h 21 min199 km-2h 9 min210 km -4h 55min197km-2h 9min213km-3h24min261 km- 2h 52 min
Dubrovnik Airport192 km-2h 51 min224km-5h11min307 km-5h 2 min198 km-2h 55 min236 km-4h 12 min197 km-2h 55 min308km-5h5min130 km-2h 12 min
Brac Airport43,5 km-2h 9 min30 km-41 min106 km-3h 34 min33,9 km-1h 56 min13,7 km-21 min47, 8 km-2h 13 min107km-3h 37 min73,6 km-2h 38 min