Conference Locations by Region – Conference Organiser Services & Facilities

Conference locations throughout Croatia are unique in many ways. Starting from the continental part, DT-Croaita PCO provides you an overview of the best of Zagreb conference facilities and infrastructure. Following the Istria peninsula and Kvarner coastal region conference infrastructure bordering Slovenia & Italy. Moving southwards along the Adriatic coast, you’ll find an overview of Croatia’s presently largest Conference Infrastructure, the Dalmatian region with many islands and coastal cities. Last but not least, the famous Dubrovnik well known to most of the world as the pearl of the Adriatic with its famous old city dating back 750 years.

Zagreb Conference Locations & Facilities

Zagreb is a metropolitan business city and first class meeting destination with great conference facilities. Its rich culture and history mark the city capital of Croatia as a true European metropolis. Most Zagreb conference facilities are centrally located in the city centre (15-20 km from the Zagreb International Airport).

Zagreb Conference Location-Facilities
Int. Airport Zagreb
16 Km from centre
11 Hotels with Best
Conference Facilities

Istria & Kvarner Conference Facilities

Experience the outstanding Istria & Kvarner conference facilities! The Istria peninsula and Kvarner Bay are newly emerging conference & meeting destinations gaining in popularity due to an increasing number of business oriented hotels. Both conference areas offer a variety of existing and new special venues.

Istria-Kvarner Conference Facilities
Int. Airport Pula centre 7 km
Airport Rijeka centre 28 km
28 Hotels with Best
Conference Facilities


Dalmatia Conference Locations & Facilities

Dalmatian conference facilities spread out through the regions coastal towns of Split, Zadar, Sibenik & islands of Brac and Hvar. The fastest growing areas in Croatia in terms of conference visitors and participants in the last few years.

Dalmatia Conference Location-Facilities
Int. Airport Split centre 24 km
Airport Zadar centre 15 km
32 Hotels with
Conference Facilities

Dubrovnik Conference Locations & Facilities

Dubrovnik conference facilities are an unbeatable combination of hotels & unique special venues. Choose from a large variety of conference hotels or outdoor and indoor venues. Most of the hotels are equipped with modern conference facilities.

Dubrovnik Conference Location-Facilities
Dubrovnik Airport
26 Km from centre
11 Hotels with Best
Conference Facilities